Recently Akshay Kumar posted a video on his social media profiles regarding Bengaluru molestation and now today again he posted a video on twitter and share his idea with his fans that how we all can support martyrs family

In his 5 and half minutes video, he shares his idea to provide a common platform through which people can support martyr family financially.

He said that “There should be a website or a mobile app where a verified account details of the martyr kin should be there so that if anyone wants to contribute some amount to support his family can contribute directly to this account”

He also added that if people like this idea then he himself get this website developed with the permission of India gov.

With the help of this platform, we can all bring happiness to the martyr’s family and can provide a better life and once the total deposited money reaches to  15 lakh then the details of the account get deleted.



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