I am an engineer by profession who loves travelling, trekking, motorcycling and reading. Trying to know about this world as much as I can.

Brij Region of India : The Land for the Sweet Tooth

Malai Ghewar

In India every auspicious occasion is celebrated with sweets and our nation is blessed to have thousands different types of sweets. But then some regions are experts when it comes to making sweets and the Brij region, area around Agra and Mathura, excels in making sweets. Apart from Holi of...

Solo Trip to Kasol : Motorcycling to the heavenly Himalayas

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” -Anonymous The best things that happen on planet Earth are often unplanned. Something similar happened to me when I took my first solo trip to Kasol, a heaven that lies in the Parvati valley in Devabhoomi-Himachal Pradesh-land of the...

Seeking blessings of the Gods : Manikaran Gurudwara, Lord Rama and Lord Shiva Temple

manikaran himachal pardesh

Himachal Pradesh is called Devabhoomi (Land of the Gods) so a visit to the Gods is a must. And nothing can be better than the Gurudwara and countless Temples it has for the faithful. The temples have wooden architecture with beautiful carvings on them. Apart from the trekking, cuisine and fun activities, there...

Kheer Ganga Trek : A walk to the snowy bosom of the Himalaya


The Kheer Ganga trek is a 14 Kilometres long trek, and leads you towards a hot spring where you can take a bath to sap the exhaustion from the trek. It is also a pilgrimage and the waters are considered to be sacred, having medicinal properties. Where to Start: The...

Tosh Village : Base for trekking to paradise


The cousin of the Malana Village is the Tosh village, which again is a 20 kilometers ride from Kasol with a few bad patches of road, there is no trek unlike Malana village. While riding through to Tosh village, I saw the various moods of the Parvati river as it...

Malana Village : The touch me not beauty


The Malana village lies around 21 kilometres from Kasol. The road leading to it is very beautiful and surrounded by greenest of the greenery. How to reach: If you do not have a private vehicle then reach Jari from Kasol by bus and you can get taxi from Jari to...