Dry Skin – A Winter Problem

The problem of Dry Skin is very uncomfortable to cope with. Though it does not call for medical attention, the person facing this problem will not be comfortable. There are a lot of moisturizers, cold creams, and oils available in the market. But they may contain chemicals which may not suit everybody and are not be 100% natural. Here I am giving a natural solution – a homemade face pack to get rid of dry skin. I have tried this and found good results. It is safe, chemicals free and easy solution.

homemade facepack

Homemade face pack for dry skin

Preparation of the Mixture

Add equal quantities of Glycerine, Rose Water and fresh Lemon juice. Mix it well and store in an airtight container. Apply this mixture on the skin immediately after bath for best effects. Applying during bedtime and leaving it overnight is also fine.

Rosewater makes the skin soft, Glycerine holds the moisture for a long time and the Lemon removes dark spots and imparts glow and fairness of skin.

As you can see, this is 100% natural and you know the ingredients. No harmful chemicals, easy to prepare an use. Long-term use is harmless, but you have the option of using this during winter only.

Try this homemade face pack and your dry skin problem vanishes!!



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