2014-09-22 18.31.13Nippattu is a snack which is delicious, crisp and light. Easy to make, this can be stored for a long time. Though there are many recipes available to make this snack, I am herewith giving you the one which is easy, yet the output is tasty.


1. Rice Floor – 1 Cup
2. Maida Floor – 1 Cup
3. Ground nut – ¼ Cup
4. Fried Gram – ¼ Cup
5. Dry Copra, cut into small pieces
6. White til
7. Red Chili powder
8. Asafoetida
9. Sweet Neem
10. Salt to taste
11. Oil


Fry the ground nut on low heat or in Microwave, remove the husk and grind it into coarse powder along with fried gram.
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Add Rice floor, maida floor, Ground nut and fried gram, Dry Coconut pieces, Til, red chili powder (Quantity as per your taste), asafetida, salt and mix them well. Heat ¼ cup of oil and pour that on the mixture. Now add water and knead the dough. It should not be too hard or too soft. Just right to make round balls.
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Make small balls and on a plastic sheet of Plantain leaf spread the balls to make a round shape. Put oil in a wide mouthed pan, when the oil is hot, fry these raw nippattu on medium heat to golden brown colour.
Crispy, tasty and yummy yummy nippattu is ready to eat.
This will be a good choice to serve short-notice visitors and also you can savour that with coffee.

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1) You can add onion, chopped into fine pieces, but this cannot be stored for too long.
2) Pudina can be added to get a change in taste.
3) Instead of Red chili powder, you can add green chilies, finely chopped, which gives a different taste.



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