Murudeshwara is a small Island situated in Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada District. It is one of my favorite places for more than one reason. The place is serene, peaceful and mesmerizing. Watching the waves of the Arabian sea from the balcony of the rooms situated adjacent to the beach at 11’o clock in the night is an experience by itself, which I love the most. This is one of the ‘not to miss’ places when you are in the South. The place has a religious feel, adventurous atmosphere and yet peaceful place to enjoy a holiday.

The Gopuram stands tall!

The Gopuram stands tall!

How to reach Murudeshwara, Karnataka

One can drive down to Murudeshwar from Bangalore which is about 8-9 hours journey. The route passing through Shimoga is about 474 kms while the road via Davanagere is about 515 kms. Both roads are good and driving will be comfortable. After Shimoga, you will encounter a lot of greenery and can get pure Oxygen to breath!

Ideal time to visit:

Except for rainy season and core summer, other times are fine to visit this place.


Plenty of accommodations are available here. Online booking of rooms is also available. I advise booking beachside rooms so that you can watch the waves as long as you want in the night. The sound of the waves at night is like a lullaby.

Lord Shiva in the backdrop of Arabian Sea

Places to visit in Murudeshwara:

There are plenty of things to do here and many places to visit in Murudeshwara. Murudeshwar temple and beach are the main attractions. Shiva Idol in Yoga mudra takes you into the divine ocean. Boating is what most people do here. Playing with the waves is nice during the evenings. There is a Gopuram which is 240 ft. tall. A lift takes you to the top of the tower from where you get a mesmerizing view of the Lord Shiva idol and the Arabian Sea. Only from the top of this tower, you can get a view of Lord Shiva in the background of Arabian Sea. The Shiva idol is the second tallest below which is the Sri Murudeshwara Temple.

Walking in Murudeshwara is a unique experience. I am sure all the body fat will get dissolved by walking here as you have to climb steep and curving roads. Small shopping can be done in the beach. There is some confusion about Murudeshwara Fort, which needs to be explored. I request travel enthusiasts to enlighten me about this by posting their comments. Though there are pictures of a fort, people have said that there is no such fort behind the temple.

View from the top of Gopuram

View from the top of Gopuram

The beach hotel, standing amidst water gives a unique experience. You can watch and hear the waves while enjoying your hot sip of coffee or favorite snacks. Don’t miss this, especially during the evening. The temple serves ‘prasadam’ for the devotees free of cost.

Places to visit near Murudeshwar

There are many Places to visit in Murudeshwar.  You can visit Gokarna, which is the abode of Lord Gokarneshwara, which is also a beach. Cave museum is worth visiting which has the depiction of Hindu mythological stories. Apsara Konda or Apsara falls, situated around 20 kms. from Murudeshwara is yet another tourist place worth visiting. Diving enthusiasts are beckoned by Netrani Islands which is at a distance of 20 kms. from Murudeshwar. Kolluru Mookambika Temple, Koosalli Falls, Maravanthe beach, Byndoor beach are few other places that can be explored when in Murudeshwar.



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