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Anil Sarode: The man behind “Retired but not tired” from Gwalior city

Anil Sarode
Anil Sarode

This man is an inspiration himself and thrives for a change. Starting his journey from Kanyakumari, he served in Vivekananda Kendra in 1976. Since then, he sought an exposure and was determined to get into the field of social work. He came to Gwalior in 1986 and had been an integral part of this city ever since. Living in Vivekananda Nidam, this man looks over and manages various activities carried out in Nidam some of which include hospital facilities, yoga classes, rejuvenation etc. People of all ages are benefitted from it. Vivekananda Nidam is also a home to the tribal children who live there without paying anything, but their dedication in studies. Also, some veteran people of the society live and cherish their lives in Nidam.
People living in Vivekananda Nidam have one motto i.e “Retired but not tired” and they seem to stand by it. Anil sir, looks after various activities of the Nidam and manages the activities in an efficient manner. He does not want to change the society, but he is in extreme urge to change himself and the people he lives with by doing some selfless work for the society. Inspired from swami Vivekananda, this man follows his ideals with a pure heart and tries to abide them to the full extent. Surely, this man will continue to inspire people and his generous acts might be a speck in Gwalior city, but are truly significant and Real Bharat salutes him for what he is !

Megha Gupta:

Megha Gupta
Megha Gupta

As said by Confucius “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but rising every time we fall”.
This woman truly lives by it and enrich herself by giving everything to the society. She is the founder of deaf education and multitask society and she works to empower the deaf and the dumb people by teaching them sign language. Working for this cause, she envisions bringing them into the mainstream of the society greater part of which looks at them with sympathy. His father was the president of the dumb and the deaf society and she started to get the exposure from childhood itself.
People aren’t able to understand these physically challenged persons and society have the habit of making fun of what they cannot understand. She fought this mentality of the society and emerged with flying colors. Starting this journey alone, Megha did a diploma in sign language from Indore to devote herself in this field in an efficient way. Got her society registered in April, 2013. She lacked money, but the courage she had, filled the void.
She took her anger for the society as a positive inspiration and walked on the streets to challenge the mediocre mentality. Currently 53 students are enrolled in her society and she teaches them daily in the divided batches. She also trains them to participate in various competitions and a group of students got a real taste for dance. Only few people have the courage to face the inner urge and she is one of them and we respect this attitude towards these children.

Rahul Rahore:

rahul Rathore
rahul Rathore

A civil engineer by profession, this guy is on a mission, by building lives of the children whose childhood is lost amidst the darkness of fortune. He is a simple guy with straight ambitions, one of which involves seeing the slum kids grow to become a better citizen in the future. You can watch him daily at a stage near Choupati in Gwalior city where he teaches these kids and often play with them.
He started alone with quite a simple concept of making these kids educated in every sense. Children weren’t interested and people made fun of him, but determination never fails. This guy teaches children who are often seen at the mall or various other places selling newspaper and stuff. Most people just look at them and move on, only few have the courage to look after their problems and solve them. Today, his job is highly appreciated by the citizens of Gwalior and he the “hero of Choupati”. He encouraged these children to get out of their nests and dream big. Maybe not all of them may achieve, but at least some of them will triumph and that’s what really counts. He changed himself a lot and wants to change this city as well. He actively participates in blood donation camps and also hosted an eye donation camp where almost 255 people promised to donate their eyes posthumously. His ambition is to open these classes at every corner of the Gwalior city, and we salute these kinds of selfless humans.

Sudhir Sapra

Sudhir Sapra
Sudhir Sapra

“ Samaj ko durjano ki durjanta se itna khatra nahi, jitna Khatra sajjano ki moun sajjanta se he”, famous words said by Gandhi ji and this quote drives him all along.
This man has played an integral role in the fields like the right to education and the right to information. Going against the trending commercializing of education, this man truly believes that each and every student must be aware of his/her rights and there should be some set spontaneity in their acts. They must stand for what is right instead of being suppressed by the system.
Sudhir sir strongly believes that if education is expensive that does not mean it’s good; education in every sense must sustain awareness and a guide to become a wise citizen. And this cannot be achieved instantaneously, it’s a gradual process and he dreams of achieving full success one day. Government he says, sometimes acts like a silent spectator and this is such a disguise to the common citizens. He is working to implement a common guideline for the private institutions which includes a fee regulatory committee, and he is positive towards this change.
He is not the kind of guy who waits for the leaders to change things, he does it person to person and Real Bharat salutes this devotion.

Alka Gupta:

Alka Gupta
Alka Gupta

“Pyaar na Karo toh Maaro Bhi Mat” , she cherish these words by her existence.
Alka gupta is one among the few human beings who strongly believes that society aren’t just for humans, it’s a blend of nature and animals and she works to protect those animals who are being left alone by some selfish people.
In 2003, she started an institute for animal care which stood strong against the cruelty towards animals. She is a lone walker and she says it’s enough for her. The richness of a society is seen by how the animals are treated in the society. There is some urge inside of her which does not let any animal suffer, and this makes her special.
In her early days, she used to keep about 200 injured dogs and about 20-25 injured cows with her and it’s a big thing. She is inspired by her daughter who once gave an injured bird to her and asked her to heal it. A mother must not differentiate and she feels like she owes her existence to them. Currently she is working to achieve a bigger goal. Also, she looks after various animals which are injured and also stand against any injustice imposed upon the animals. She has a goal of building a shelter for these animals, where injured animals can be cured with proper facilities and she is working on that aspect.

Alka Shrivastava:

Alka Srivastava
Alka Srivastava

A multi-talented woman indeed, who had a load of experience in everything of which you can think of. She is being a social worker, an industrialist, in politics and various other fields and one thing which makes her unique is that she does it all exclusively to empower women. Nowadays she owns a bank known as “Mahila” bank where only women are employed.
Most astonishing fact about this woman is that she does this all on her own. She introduced a latest concept of “Verangana taxi” in Gwalior which is a unique concept. This taxi is driven by the women and only women are allowed to sit in it. Not many people sustain the courage to achieve such heights. And she doesn’t want to stop at this. Now she aims to introduce women in the organic farming area with some advanced irrigation method to help the women in villages.
Looking herself as an inspiration, this lady never sits idle and wants to empower women mentally and financially. Verangana taxi is the only concept of its kind in India and she envisions a lot in future.

Sudheer Rao Durape:

“Mai us Bhagwaan Kaa Sewak Hu, Jise aap Log Manushya ke Naam se Jante hain”

Sudheer is the “Blood wale Bhaiya“ of Gwalior city. This guy is being working for organizing blood donation camps and he makes sure that no one in this city gets left behind when they are in urgent need of blood. Whether its night, or day, he works hard to save lives and his acts are highly appreciated by the people whom he helps. Till now, he managed blood for about 900 people when they were in need of it.
He is quite fond of social media and he has made several Whatsapp groups so that he gets people to donate blood at the times of crises. Whether it’s an IAS officer, or an ordinary chaiwala, everyone likes to donate in his blood bank because they know that soon, it’s gonna save a life.
Sudheer sees god in humans and he expects from society that more and more people should join him to save maximum lives. He has a simple goal of extending his sources in other cities of India and to create a virtual network so that every person in need of blood gets it. He is the true hero of Gwalior and we respect him from the bottom of our hearts.

Ram Lubhaya Ladoiya:

Ram Lubhaya
Ram Lubhaya

Living by a simple funda “ If you want to be happy, either use the body or lose the body “, this 82 year old man still lives by the spirit of youth. When the people from Agra or Jhansi station arrive at Gwalior station, they seek for this man, for he provides the basic utility indeed, water.
Ladoiya ji started his journey alone in 1995, when he saw how people suffer because they find it very difficult to get water to drink in summers, especially in general bogies. So he started distributing water all by himself and then people from Punjabi Parishad and other organizations joined the cause. “ I work for three months a year and my organization now contain 21 tanks” he says proudly. All the things they receive i.e tanks and other necessities are donated by some big organizations.
He is inspired by his father who shared the common interests as Ram ladoiya ji do. Few people find happiness in rigorous working and this man is among those few good men. In 2002, he was awarded with Punjabi Ratna, followed by Gwalior Gaurav award in 2009. He was also designated as Amulya Ratna by Varistha Nagrik Sewa Sansthan.
He hopes to keep moving up till nature calls it down. Also, he expects maximum volunteers for his organization.