Dosa - The most opted South Indian Breakfast
Dosa – The most opted South Indian Breakfast

Dosa is the most popular South Indian Breakfast Dish. Though dosa is a south Indian dish, it has crossed all geographical barriers and has won the heart of people worldwide. With the increasing popularity, the varieties of dosa have also increased. Some eateries claim to serve 99 varieties of dosa! A dosa joint anywhere in the world attracts foodies.

Masala dosa is the most popular variety amongst all varieties and the taste of this change with every region. Dosa in Bengaluru is different from the one you get in hotels at Mysore or at Davanagere. Some popular varieties are Onion Dosa, Set Dosa, Plain Dosa, Pesarattu etc. Each has its own quality and taste. Other varieties are as tasty and yummy which are not very well known amongst the people.  Here I am introducing you to 5 unique Dosa varieties which are not very popular but very tasty.

Methi or Fenugreek Dosa – Soft Melting Variety

This is a soft dosa, unlike the regular crispy one. It will have the mild aroma of Methi and tastes superb with coconut chutney. The chutney should be spicy for this variety of dosa. Made from a combination of just rice and Methi, this dosa should be savored with fresh butter and spicy chutney. Those who do not like the taste of fenugreek may not be excited about this variety, but for others, this is an out of the world breakfast dish. It cannot be found in eateries or food joints, but very popular among senior people at home. This is good for your tummy as it contains a lot of Methi. Methi has many health benefits which are all embedded in this variety of dosa.

Rava Dosa – Crispy, Yet Different

In this variety, rava or soji is used instead of rice and the rava dosa recipe suits a fast turnover. The batter is prepared by mixing equal quantities of rice flour, maida and Chiroti Soji in the curd. It can also be made by grinding soaked urad dal and rava or soji, dosa will be crispy and of a different taste. There are different varieties of soji available in the market, but it is better to use the Local soji which has medium-sized grains. Paper thin dosa can be made from this batter and it ferments fast and hence good for a fast turnover. Since it will be crispy, alu sabzee stuffing can be done for this variety which will be similar to Masala Dosa. Finely chopped onion, coriander leaves, and green chilies can be added to the batter to make onion rava dosa.

Millet Dosa – For the Health Freaks

This variety is prepared using urad dal and millet instead of rice. Millet is a healthy replacement for rice as it contains a lot of fiber. That apart, it is rich in protein, potassium, magnesium, and iron, which makes it better than rice. This is the best breakfast recipe for those who are weight conscious or those who are on a weight loss diet as millets aid in reducing weight. People with diabetes can eat millet dosa without worrying about the increase of sugar level as millets help control sugar levels in the blood. With all these health benefits, millet dosa makes the best option for a healthy breakfast without compromising on quality. Generally, pearl millet is used to make this dosa, but other millets or a mix of few millets can also be used to get different tastes.

Mix dal dosa for a Heavy Breakfast

This variety is good for children who need a lot of protein and energy. Made using toor dal, gram dal, moong dal, urad dal and rice, this dosa is tasty and healthy. All the five ingredients are taken in equal quantity, soaked at night. The batter is prepared in the morning by grinding the soaked ingredients. This batter need not be left for 8 plus hours to ferment. Dosa can be made as soon as the ingredients are ground. Adding onion, green chilies and fresh coriander leaves enhance the taste of this dish. It can be made crispy or soft and hence both children and older people will like it. It has all the goodness of pulses and tastes good and spicy. Mix dal dosa should be savored hot with coconut chutney and butter to get the best feel.

Mix Veg Dosa- Colorful and Tasty

Dosa with Fresh Methi
Dosa with Fresh Methi

This is the dosa which has all the goodness and taste of vegetables. It makes a yummy breakfast as it is different from the regular dosa yet very-very tasty and easy to prepare. Kids will love this variety as it can be made colorful which attracts them and also they will get to eat the vegetables which cover the health aspect. This can be prepared from the batter that you already have, but make sure that the batter is made using little Methi. You can add vegetables like carrot, Methi leaves, cabbage, etc. Any vegetable that can be grated can be used to make veg. dosa. Onion can also be added or only vegetables can be used. One leafy vegetable like Methi or Palak is a must or alternatively, you can use coriander leaves. Add one or two green chiles, finely chopped or ground to a smooth paste. The Mix veg dosa should be relished hot with Chutney and butter or ghee.

These are just a few samples of how dosa can be modified to fit everyone’s taste. Your creativity can be given a free swing and you can invent 99 varieties of Dosa! Just keep the basic dosa batter ready in the refrigerator and you can make delicious, healthy breakfast every day.



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