The concept of Dematerialisation which was introduced in the country nearly two decades ago revolutionized the mode of holding shares and securities. It paved the way for the electronic ownership of the shares and securities instead of the traditional physical form and ushered in a host of benefits to the investor. The management of the Demat account is the responsibility of depositories like CDSL and NSDL and they fulfill this function through intermediaries, stockbrokers or Depository members.

What are the Benefits conferred by a Demat Account?

It is mandatory to open a demat account if you want to trade on the stock exchange and obtain immediate access to the online services. Several benefits that are gained in the process are listed below.

Eliminates Paperwork:

The opening of demat account eliminates the need for maintaining the shares and securities in the physical form and this has simplified their handling to a great extent. This also promotes the move towards a green environment.

Eliminates Risk of Loss:

When securities are maintained in electronic form the risk of their loss due to theft, damage or misplacement is eliminated. Shares and securities which are an important aspect of an individual’s financial life are thus protected.

Eliminates Delays in Transaction:

Physical transactions in shares took a number of days to be completed. On the other hand, dealing through demat account enables transactions to be completed in no time.

Convenient Mode:

The physical presence of the investor is not required for transaction settlements; they can be done through a computer or a smartphone. Electronic functioning guarantees great convenience.

Lessens Transaction Costs:

There is a considerable reduction in transaction costs when shares and securities are dealt in through the electronic mode.

Choosing Angel Broking as Your Stock Broker

Having said this, it becomes necessary for you to choose the right stockbroker who will act as your depository and handle your share transactions. Among the many that are available, choosing Angel Broking will confer a great many advantages to you.

Angel Broking is a well-known name on the stock exchanges of the country and has varied services to offer to its clients. It is registered with Central Depository Services (India) Limited. Financial services like equity, currency, commodity trading, IPOs, ETFs, mutual funds are provided by them in addition to their Portfolio Management Services.

Advantages of Opening Demat Account with Angel Broking

The advantages of opening an Angel Broking Demat Account are many:

Ease of Use: its simple user interface makes it easy for every investor to carry on his online trading with great ease. It is a one-of-a-kind trading platform based on ARQ technology has simplified stock trading besides providing for efficient processing.

Faster Account Opening: Lesser paperwork enables speedy opening of your account and you can begin your trading transactions in almost an hour of processing. Faster accessibility helps to put your financial planning process on a fast track.

Opportunities for Discounts: Discount on the brokerage can be availed when you start a demat account with Angel Broking. Sometimes they also offer a free demat account opening opportunity to potential clients.

Digitized KYC: Elimination of paperwork for completing your KYC is another advantage that is obtained in today’s times. This saves considerable time and energy during the process of beginning your trading activity. The firm also offers guidance if needed in any aspect.

Varied Trading Platforms: Several useful tools have been provided by Angel Broking over the past few years in order to facilitate its clients. ‘Angel SpeedPro’, ‘Angel Trade’, ‘Angel Lite’, ‘Angel Eye’ and ‘Angel Swift’ are the relevant examples in this regard. These tools enable you to make intelligent investment decisions, manage your trade portfolio effectively besides giving you a better control over it.

Linking of the Trading Account: The trading account can be linked with varied banks like ICIC Bank, HDFC Bank etc. So this facilitates the trader to transfer his money from the bank to his trading account through the online mode.

Efficient Customer Support: The staff at the broking firm is dedicated towards taking excellent care of its clients and fulfilling all their investment needs. They take care to see that their investors are moving on the right path and ensure that their trading accounts are maintained properly.

Unique Advantages of Angel Broking’s Super Competent Investment Tool

Angel Broking offers several trading platforms to cater to varied requirements of its investors. Trading can be done across devices such as the laptops, tablets, desktops, smartphones or any mobile phone. However, investors looking for automated advice are greatly benefited by Angel Broking’s unique investment tool, ARQ.

The advantages offered by its super intellectual ARQ service are listed below:

Great Returns: Investment advice is offered in the most objective manner possible and is based on quantitative research. Suggestions offered by the app enable investors to make the right decisions for maximizing their returns.

Personalized Recommendations: The investor can get personalized recommendations based on the industry and services of his choice. Investor money is allocated in right proportions between the varied class of assets ranging from mutual funds, equity, gold, securities etc. The firm focuses on maximizing returns for the investor taking his risk appetite into consideration.

No Limit on Minimum Investment: No limits are set on the minimum funds to be invested with the firm. It is the investor who is led to invest more in seeing the success of his initial investment.

Guidance to Efficient Portfolio Management: The app offers regular updates and its continuous monitoring of your portfolio ensures that you remain in a profitable position.

On a Concluding Note

Angel Broking has evolved over the years to become a renowned name in the field of stock trading. Its one-of-a-kind trading platform backed by ARQ offers benefits like no other. Driven by an in-depth study of the industry and sophisticated machine learning, the investment tool guarantees good returns to its investors. If you want to enjoy a seamless and hassle-free trading experience and see your investments grow, then Angel Broking is the firm to go to.




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