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Guide to Make That Perfect Filter Coffee!

filter coffee

‘Anything can happen over a Cup of Coffee’ – This slogan is true. Make and Break – both can happen over a cup of coffee, such is the power of coffee. Only those who have a liking or rather addiction to this drink agree with this. South Indians can have ‘Coffee before Coffee and Coffee after Coffee’. This awesome drink is a must just after waking, after breakfast, with evening snack and some people love it before bed!

But making this concoction to perfection is an art by itself. Here I will explain how to make filter coffee to perfection.

Before that a small introduction about what is Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is that coffee which is made using a traditional Coffee Filter in which the water transforms into decoction while it percolates through coffee powder and gets collected in the bottom vessel. This is one of the coffee making methods which preserves the aroma of the coffee making it the best.

Traditional Coffee Filter
Traditional Coffee Filter

What all you need:

  1. Coffee Powder
  2. Water
  3. Milk
  4. Sugar
  5. Coffee Filter

Coffee Powder: Coffee powder is ground fresh in shops. Buy the one without Chicory and in a combination of 50:50 – that is half pea-berry seeds and half plantation seeds. They should be well roasted and ask for the filter powder version, which is coarse powder.

Now in a filter spread a pinch of sugar first and then add 3 spoons of coffee powder.

Coffee Powder loaded in the Filter
Coffee Powder loaded in the Filter

Press the plate and add hot boiling water. Close the lid and allow the coffee decoction to percolate.

Boiling water coffee Filter
Boiling water added to Filter

Keep the milk for boiling in low heat. I prefer full cream milk for coffee and only with this, you get a perfect blend.


Take ¾ cup of milk, add sugar as required, put it on low flame till the sugar is dissolved, make sure that the milk does not boil. Now switch off the stove and add decoction. Here goes the perfect South Indian Filter coffee ready to drink.he real coffee lovers prefer it with less sugar it should have the coffee flavor and milky taste. Some people like to add cream of milk. If you like it you can add cream, but make sure it dissolves well before you add decoction.

coffee blend
The perfect blend is ready!

Make your morning coffee like this and enjoy it in your garden, you will be in heaven!

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