Rajasthan is the land of nature’s blended beauty, surrounded by huge mountains, picturesque landscapes, historical monuments, and palaces. Besides the exotic wildlife sanctuary, vibrant culture & traditions, the state is also well-renowned for crafting astounding handicrafts items. The unique handicrafts & arts of Rajasthan seem to be influenced by the Rajput’s and Mughals. One can spend hours browsing these fantastic handicrafts items. The Rajasthan Handicrafts depicts the state culture and rich heritage, and that is what makes them exquisite. Some of the significant, beautiful handicrafts of Rajasthan include:

rajasthan jewelleryEthnic Rajasthani Jewelry and Gemstone Cutting:

Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur are some of the best cities to shop ethnic Rajasthani jewelry. The Rajasthani’s are fond of adoring these beautiful gems. Each region of the state has its own different style. Jaipur is well known for gem cutting, meenakari handicrafts, silver, and colored glass stones. Moreover, the Thewa pendants which are famous worldwide are also manufactured in Jaipur by inlaying gold with semi-precious stones like diamond, rubies, and emeralds. The cities Bikaner and Jodhpur are famous for Kundan work.


Some of the exciting jewelry items of Rajasthan are Bajuband, Timamyan, bala, rakhri, and gokhru etc.

carpetEmbroidery and printed Textiles from Johari Bazar:

Jaipur, Johari Bazar is the renowned place to shop beautiful embroidery and mirror work textiles. The Sanganer area of the city is famous for dying and printing fabric. In Jaipur, one will find an enormous collection of handmade textiles. Bandhani and Bandhej are the most famous and unique textile dye techniques of Rajasthan. Not only this, ajrak, block, and batik prints are also famous here.


blue-pottery-itemsBlue Pottery: Blue pottery is made of ground quartz stone. This handmade pottery reflects the state’s culture and rich heritage. The designs on blue pottery are also very much different and unique; The floral and animal print are commonly found on it. The range of items in blue pottery includes flower vase, ashtrays, lamp shades, household accessories etc.


Metal Handicrafts: The tradition of crafting beautiful metal sculptures is age-old. The artisans of the city craft some of the finest metal sculpture and statues, which are exported worldwide. The metal sculptures are embellished with decorative gems and stones. The items crafted with metal are pots, vases, jewelry boxes, showpiece, god’s figurines, sword, shields and more to adorn home.


Wooden Handicrafts: It is the famous artwork of Rajasthan. Jodhpur and Kishangarh are famous for shopping beautiful Rajasthan wooden handicrafts. The wooden handicraft range available here is massive. Some of the modern-day wooden crafts are the table, stool, chair, household articles, toys, cabinets, mirror farm, picture frames, and more.


Marble & Stone Handicrafts: Rajasthan is famous for crafting magnificent marble statues, marble religious idols, statues and intricate stone carvings. These showpieces adore home decor and also work amazingly as gifts.


juttiRajasthani Juttis: Originated from Jaipur and Jodhpur, Rajasthani Jutti’s embellished with stones and embroidery has become an essential part of ethnic dresses.


Durries and Carpets: Durries came into existence with Afghanis in the 17th century. And, today they have become the favorite part of decorating home. Jaipur, Tonk, and Bikaner manufacture the finest woven carpets in Persian style.


Leather Ware: The city Pushkar is famous for purchasing fine leather materials. Following are the items manufactured with leather are juttis, bags, handbags, and belts.


The handicrafts items have a rich history, from adoring the beauty of home to gifting purposes. So, whenever you visit Rajasthan don’t forget to bring these marvelous handicraft items back home.




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