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Shivagange or Shivaganga is a pilgrimage centre located in Karnataka. Shivagange is a hill at a height of 1368 meters. The hill is located on Bangalore – Tumkur road at a distance of 54 kms from Bangalore and about 8 kms from Tumkur. The place is called Shivagange because the hill is shaped like a Shivaling and there is a spring called Ganga which flows there. On the top of the hill is a statue of Nandi carved in a narrow space. There are several temples and springs on the way to the top. This place is also known as Dakshin Kashi.

Good for Weekend Trekking

Since the place is close to Bangalore, it is ideal for trekking near Bangalore and also one of the top 10 trekking destinations in Karnataka. 


This place is also famous for trekking. The path is well marked with steps carved on rocks or formed using stones and rocks. In places where it is steep, there are railings provided.

Getting to Shivagange.

 By Air :-

 The nearest airport would be Bangalore International Airport which is 53 kms from Shivagange.

 By Train:-

 The nearest train station is City Junction at a distance of 12.2 kms. Bangalore City Junction which is well connected by trains from all over India.

By Road:-

Shivagange is 6 km off the main Bangalore – Tumkur (NH4) highway. Take a left near Dabaaspet. The highway is good, once you take the left turn, though, the road is fine, but narrow for two way traffic. KSRTC buses connect Shivagange with Dabaaspet.

Weather in Shivagange:

Weather in Shivagange is similar to that of Bangalore and winter months would be nice to go on one day trekking from Bangalore.

 Temples/places in Shivagange hill:

  • Gangadhareshwara temple
  • Sharadhambe temple
  • Basavanna / Nandi statue
  • Agasthya theertha
  • Kanva theertha
  • Kapila theertha
  • Patalgange
  • Olakal theertha

 Opening times:

Open from 6 am to 6:30 pm everyday.

Images of Shivagange

Shivaganga1 Shivaganga2 Shivaganga3 Shivaganga4 Shivganga


  • We started at around 6:30 from Bangalore and we came back by 3 pm after a breakfast and lunch break. So planning a day trip is very much possible.
  • We traveled with kids, the youngest being 5 and the oldest was 18, everyone enjoyed the trek. The kids actually trekked all the way up without complaining. Ideal for family picnics and trek.
  • There were two decent restaurants on the highway, one of them is Kamat, so food is not a problem.
  • Do not carry any kind of food, monkeys seem to snatch everything, including bottled water, juice tetra packs and any kind of food from our bags. There are stretches without monkeys though. Snacks are available on the hill too.
  • Though the weather is pleasant, going early is preferable as the rocks are still cool and there is less crowd.
  • Please avoid using plastics and if you have anything to dispose please bring it down hill and dispose garbage responsibly as we did not see too many dustbins on the hill.
  • Typical of any tourist spots, there are plenty of small shops around if you are interested in shopping.

Shivagange temple is a good choice to enjoy the weekend with family as it caters to the need of all age groups.

Shivagange 2 Shivagange

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