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This Independence Day Free Your Soul with these Unexplored Treks!

trekking in india
treks in India
Beautiful Panoramic Views one gets to see while trekking

The most beautiful places are often unexplored and untouched by humanity. Such is the case with the South Indian state of Karnataka. Located smack in the middle of mountains, caves, and beaches, it is surrounded by the Western and the Eastern Ghats on both sides. While the silicon city of Bangalore boasts of modernity and advancement in terms of technology, it is bordered by a plethora of hidden and uncharted treks. Soul-stirring views and adrenaline-pumping adventure activities will leave you wanting to explore a new site every weekend.

Living in Bangalore allows you to fulfill your hearts desires in terms of treks and outdoor activities. These trekking places are filled with the young crowd eager to catch the rising sun or spending the night under the starry skies. This monsoon season cut yourself some slack and move away from the monotonous daily routine. Allow your soul to unwind and put on your shoes to discover the veiled panoramas around Bangalore. We have shortlisted for you the untrodden paths shut away from the metro cities.

Kopatty-Coorg Trek – Combination of Coffee and Wild!

kopatty coorg trek

A treat for coffee lovers, this trek doesn’t revolve just around dense forests. It has a rich wildlife trail and is famous for coffee plantations. You can also catch glimpses of the water streams and run across the outspread meadows. Spices like pepper and elaichi (Cardamom) are locally grown here and can be tasted if you’re lucky enough. An easy-to-moderate trek, it is a great way to spend your weekend with friends and family.

Tavoor Hills Ridge Walk Trek – Watch Amazing Coorg

Another destination in Coorg, this trek takes you to the peaks with the best scenic views of the area. The trail here is also known as DumchiGudde by the locals and is a bit challenging which would get the adventure enthusiasts excited. You can oversee the beautiful Kopatty Hill Range and the magnanimous vistas of Bhagmandala town from the top. The most exhilarating part of the trek is the end. A scary ridge walk and a steep drop will surely make the butterflies in your stomach scream.

Kodachadari Trek – Encounter with the Wild

kodachadari trek

Derived from the words Kodacha and Adri, Kodachadri in the local language refers to a house of the hill jasmine blossoms. Placed right in the center of Mookambika National Park, it provides you ample opportunities to spot exotic wildlife and plants. Trekking through this park is a treat for nature lovers with spectacular hillside views and landscapes. Peaceful and not known to many, this trek is a soul-stirring experience.

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